Diploma in Web Development

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Websites and web applications are quickly becoming the primary means to communicate information, ideas, and products to the world. How then, are they created? During this introductory 4 week course you will learn the processes, steps, and technologies involved in bringing ideas, contents, or products to the World Wide Web. Register now to start learning straight away.

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks
  • Lesson 1 - The Web Development Full stack  The industry includes many disciplines and opportunities from a broad range of ability, from both technical and design backgrounds. Professions themselves have many overlapping skillsets, so you are free to specialize in the area of your choice. Alternatively, freelancers and full-stack developers require a broader range of skillsets to handle anything that comes their way. 0/0

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  • Lesson 2 - Creating Web pages  The world of web 2.0 has seen the decline of the original static informational websites, and the advent of the new, dynamic, and interactive web application. In this lesson, you will learn the structure and components of both websites and web applications. 0/0

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  • Lesson 3 - JavaScript fundamentals  JavaScript is an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers. In this lesson, we will look at the fundamentals of JavaScript allowing us to dive into Variable & Datatypes, Functions and how to modify HTML content. 0/0

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  • Lesson 4 - Setting up a web server  The defining feature of a website is its accessibility through the World Wide Web. Here we will discuss how you can bring your production website or web application from staging through to a live server, accessible to the entire internet via your domain name. 0/0

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  • Lesson 5 - Programming Fundamentals  Understanding basic and common Programming is the beginning of web development but it is also important to start diving into the more complex and technical fundamentals. In this lesson, we will look at Arrays and Loops while building a base for understanding conditional logic. 0/0

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  • Lesson 6 - PHP & Backend Code  Web applications cannot exist without a back-end. The ability of a web application to recognize, remember, and recall information about a user, and to provide personalized, dynamic content is what sets them apart from a standard website. 0/0

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  • Lesson 7 - PHP & Databases  Our knowledge of PHP will be updated for the object-oriented programming paradigm. PHP allows for easy customization of property. This class will investigate the two main technologies used to provide this dynamic functionality, namely the back-end code, and databases. 0/0

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  • Lesson 8 - Putting it all together  In the final lesson of this module we will expand on our knowledge by combing everything we have learned so far. We will build a full Dynamic Website with this knowledge. 0/0

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