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There are many websites with useful information on girls in tech, disability and/or accessibility to technology.


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Girls In Tech

  • United Nations Sustainable Development 17 Goals By 2030
  • How Women Transform Technology
  • Equality Challenge Unit UK
  • Girls In Technology & Entrepreneurship
  • Aurora Women Europe's Largest Network
  • British Association of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Diversity at the Forefront of Recruitment Policies
  • TechUK's Women In Technology Programme
  • Addressing Tech's Gender Diversity Problem Resources
  • Digital Transformation amongst Women
  • Global Community for Women In Tech providing inclusion, empowerment and diversity
  • Sky's Get Into Tech for Women


People With Disabilities

  • Disability Rights UK
  • World Association for Persons with Disabilities (WAPD)
  • Disability Resources from the UK government
  • Ability Magazine – publication of the British Computer Society Disability Group campaigning for accessible IT
  • The NHS widening digital participation programme
  • - includes articles from Ability Magazine
  • Centre for Accessible Environments – Working to make the built environment accessible to all
  • BT Accessibility Solution


People Not Tech-Savvy

  • United Nations Sustainable Development 17 Goals By 2030
  • Online Course Directory
  • Web Site Accessibility Guidelines
  • The Education Law Association ELAS
  • Opportunities - Employment charity for people with disabilities
  • Small Business Network
  • A world where everyone benefits from digital
  • Department for Education and Skills
  • The global initiative for inclusive ICTs
  • Digital Unite
  • Basic Digital Skills Training
  • Representing the Future Digital Skills Training
  • Google's Free Online Training








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