Format of a Literature Review

Format of a Literature Review

Let us start from the beginning though, it is essential to realize that your literature review can be termed as a summary, not a definitive. A literature review is the analysis and evaluation of another person’s research documents, typically published on a firm or academic site. By interpreting their data, the readers can decide what the book is all about based on the perspective they have when they go through the review. Therefore, from the above definition, it is clear that when you decide to create a literature review, you have to include the following aspects;

  1. The context of your research.
  2. The motivation behind selecting that topic.
  3. The aims and objectives of your research.

From this definition, we can easily conclude that a literature review is usually meant to summarize or introduce new information to a reader who has no prior knowledge about a particular subject or subject. In this manner, it is essential to realize that the review is supposed to enable readers to decide whether the research relevant to their topic is worth their time. This can be done by either summarizing the main points or analyzing the information provided by the research document. On the other hand, the student should then interpret the information captured in the research document in relation to their topic and develop a thesis statement that serves as a basis for their research.

The second thing to remember when writing a review of any literature review is that you have to provide a brief introduction. This is essential as it helps readers comprehend what the book is all about and what they should expect to find out in the end. By giving an overview of the literature review, then the reader gets the opportunity to decide whether they should peruse the remaining parts or not. Therefore, the following is the proper format of a literature review.

Write a paper Structure

When writing the review of a literature review, it is crucial to realize that you will have to include the:

  1. Thesis statement
  2. Background information
  3. Methods used in the research
  4. Results and analysis

As a summary college essay help of the review, understand that your literature review should include the thesis statement of the research. However, it is crucial to remember that you will have to place the thesis statement at the end of the review. Realize that you will be required to explain the results and analysis in relation to the topic of your research document.

The third thing to remember is that you must present an analysis of the results. This is the principal reason why you are supposed to analyze the results. On the other hand, you must analyze all the data that you have collected during the research. This is important as it enables you to recognize what information you did not include in the presentation. On the other hand, providing an analysis of the results enables you to predict what could have been achieved if the research had not been conducted in the first place.

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